Adverse Drug Reactions

Any of the adverse reactions listed below may occur. Therefore, patients receiving Elobixibat (GOOFICE®) treatment should be carefully monitored, and if any abnormalities are noted, appropriate measures should be taken including discontinuation of Elobixibat (GOOFICE®) treatment.

Other Adverse Reactions

≥5% 1% to <5% <1% Frequency
Hepatic Abnormal hepatic
function (increased ALT, increased AST,
Increased γ-GTP, increased Al-P, increased LAP)
Increased LDH
Central and peripheral
nervous system
Dizziness Headache
Cardiovascular Hot flush
Gastrointestinal Abdominal pain
(23.2%), diarrhea
Lower abdominal
pain, abdominal
distension, nausea,
upper abdominal pain, abdominal
discomfort, soft feces
Stomatitis, thirst Flatulence, defecation
urgency, vomiting,
abnormal gastrointestinal sounds, constipation, ischaemic colitis, haematochezia,
frequent bowel movements, discoloured faeces, anal incontinence, decreased appetite
Hypersensitivity Urticaria Rash
Hematologic Anemia Increased vitamin E Increased eosinophil
Others Increased CK Dysmenorrhea


Reporting of suspected adverse drug reactions
Please contact:
HI-Eisai Pharmaceutical, Inc.
+63 2 88875837 / +63 2 88875160 / +63 9088672236
Or Report to FDA Philippines: