Pharmacokinetics in humans
1) Blood concentration
Following intravenous injection of 40mL of this product (containing 80mg of glycyrrhizic acid) to healthy adults, blood glycyrrhizic acid concentration
decreased rapidly up to 10 hours after administration, then decreased gradually.

Glycyrrhetinic acid, a hydrolysis metabolite of glycyrrhizic acid appeared 6 hours after administration, reached the maximum 24 hours after administration
and almost disappeared 48 hours after administration.

2) Urinary excretion
Following intravenous injection of this product to healthy adults, glycyrrhizic acid in urine decreased with time. The urinary recovery rate within 27 hours
was 1.2% of the administered dose. Glycyrrhetinic acid appeared at 6 hours after administration and reached the maximum at 22 to 27 hours after

Pharmacokinetics in animals (Supplementary information)
Distribution: Following intravenous injection of 3H-glycyrrhizin to mice, its distribution was observed in all organs collected in 10 minutes post-dose. Liver
showed the highest distribution rate 62% of the administered 3H-glycyrrhizin, followed by kidney, lung, heart and adrenals in this order.