Important Precautions Precaution on Special Populations (N/A) Precaution Concerning Dosage & Administration (N/A) Precaution Concerning Use

Important Precautions

Mecobalamin (METHYCOBAL®) should not be used for more than a month in patients if no clinically therapeutic outcome is observed.

Precaution Concerning Use


Mecobalamin (METHYCOBAL®) is susceptible to photolysis. It should be used promptly after the package is opened and caution should be taken so as not to expose the ampoules to direct light.

Intramuscular Administration

In intramuscular administration, caution should be exercised by following the instructions mentioned below to avoid adverse effects on tissues or nerves.

1) Avoid repeated injection at the same site. Particular caution should be exercised when administering Mecobalamin (METHYCOBAL®) to low-birth weight babies, neonates, nursing infants and children.

2) Do not inject in densely innervated site.

3) If insertion of the injection needle causes intense pain or if blood flows back into the syringe, withdraw the needle immediately and inject at a different site.

4) Pediatric Use- No clinical studies have been conducted for pediatric use.

Opening the ampoule

Mecobalamin (METHYCOBAL®) is supplied in one-point-cut ampoules. The cut point of the ampoules should be wiped with an alcohol swab before opening.