Important Precautions Precaution on Special Populations (N/A) Precaution Concerning Dosage & Administration (N/A) Precaution Concerning Use

Important Precautions

Mecobalamin (METHYCOBAL®) should not be used for more than a month in patients if no clinically therapeutic outcome is observed.

The prolonged use of larger doses of Mecobalamin in (METHYCOBAL) is not recommended for patients whose occupation requires the handling of mercury or mercury compounds.


Precaution Concerning Use

For drugs that are dispensed in a press-through package (PTP), patients should be instructed to remove the drugs from the package prior to use. Swallowing the PTP sheet by mistake may cause puncture in the esophageal mucosa due to sharp corners of the sheet, resulting in perforation and in serious complications such as mediastinis.