Important Precautions Precaution on Special Populations (N/A) Precaution Concerning Dosage & Administration (N/A) Precaution Concerning Use

Important Precautions

(1) Patients should be carefully interviewed to assess the risk of shock and the like.

(2) Emergency treatment should be ready for the occurrence of shock.

(3) After administration, patients should be kept rested and observed carefully.

(4) Since concomitant use with any other preparations containing Glycyrrhizae Radix brings about overlapping effect with glycyrrhizic acid contained in this product and is liable to cause pseudoaldosteronism, appropriate care should be taken.

(5) Rhabdomyolysis has been reported to occur by oral administration of preparations containing glycyrrhizic acid or Glycyrrhizae Radix.

Precautions on Special Populations

Use in the Elderly

In the experience in the clinical use, the incidence of the adverse reactions such as hypokalaemia tended to be higher in the elderly patients. Administration should be made carefully while observing patient’s conditions.

Precaution Concerning Use

Injection rate: Under observation of patient’s conditions, intravenous administration should be conducted at a controlled slow rate.