Pregnancy & Lactation

Use during Pregnancy, Delivery or Lactation

  1. This drug should be administered to pregnant women or women suspected of being pregnant, only if the therapeutic benefits are thought to outweigh any possible risks. [It has been reported that the taking of this drug by women during pregnancy, resulted to teratogenicity such as ventricular septal defect and atrial septal defect. Abortion and malformations such as cleft palate and ventricular septal defect in experimental animals (mice, rats, dogs and monkeys) have been also reported. Respiratory disorders have been also reported in children whose mothers had received this drug during pregnancy.


  1. When this drug is administered to nursing mothers, their lactation should be avoided. [It has been reported that this drug was excreted in breast milk in women.] Breast-feeding must not be resumed until one month after Zonisamide therapy.